PMA Class 2024 marks transition to new degree program

CLASS BAGONG SINAG. LtGen Rowen S. Tolentino, PA, PMA Superintendent (middle), flanked by Dean of Academics BGen Jose Demar Pauly and Commandant of Cadets BGen Ramon Flores, encourages cadets to remain morally upright and draw strength from their past sacrifices, during the presentation of the top-performing cadets of PMA Bagong Sinag Class of 2024 on Friday, May 10, 2024, held at the Longayban Hall of the Philippine Military Academy in Fort del Pilar, Baguio City. He further calls for continuous self-improvement and unwavering dedication to serving both the people and the nation. (Photos by Neil Clark Ongchangco)

FORT DEL PILAR, Baguio City – The Philippine Military Academy’s (PMA) Bagong Sinag Class of 2024 will mark the final cohort to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in National Security Management (BSNSM), as the institution shifts to a new curriculum.

This change reflects PMA’s commitment to aligning education with the evolving needs of the military landscape.

During the presentation of top-performing cadets on Friday, May 10, 2024, PMA Superintendent Rowen S. Tolentino (PA) highlighted the importance of tailoring the curriculum to meet the requirements of various major services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The forthcoming graduates will be the pioneers of the BS Management Major in National Security Studies program, a curriculum developed in consultation with the Philippine Air Force, Navy, and Army.

LtGen. Tolentino emphasized that the new curriculum is designed to prepare the cadets for their roles as lieutenants, addressing the needs of the major services of the Armed Forces and equipping them for future challenges in warfare and territorial defense.

“The new curriculum is focused on their role as lieutenants. It was basically in coordination with the different major services in the Philippine Air Force, Navy and Army. Aside from the needs of the major services, we saw to it that they will also be prepared for the future wars and territorial defense,” he said.

With a total of 278 cadets set to graduate this year, comprising 224 males and 54 females, the academy continues to foster diversity and inclusion.

Among them, 144 will join the Army branch, 62 the Air Force, and 72 the Navy.

LtGen. Tolentino acknowledged the journey’s rigors, noting that while 27% of the original 350 cadets were discharged, the remaining 73% demonstrated resilience and dedication.

In his address, LtGen. Tolentino urged the graduates to uphold the core values of courage, integrity, and loyalty as they embark on their military careers.

He commended their perseverance in overcoming challenges and encouraged them to serve their nation selflessly.

“Remember this: you are the living epitome of this generation and may your footsteps inspire all other youth who strive to become future leaders also of our nation. Continue to uphold the core values of your alma mater – courage, integrity, and loyalty – especially when you are already in your respective branches of service. As future officers of the AFP, consistently uphold what is morally right guided by the principles learned in the academy. Reflect on all the sacrifices you have encountered and make it a motivation to persist especially when you are out there in the field,” he said.

“Constantly strive surmounting the person you were yesterday, and never falter in selflessly serving the people and the nation,” he added.

The commencement exercises are scheduled for May 18 at 9 a.m. at the Fajardo Grandstand, preceded by an awarding ceremony for outstanding cadets and units on May 17 at 9 a.m.

Among the top-performing cadets are Cadet 1st Class Jeneth B. Elumba, who leads the cohort, and others recognized for their exemplary achievements across various disciplines.

Cadet 1st Class Elumba, the top graduate, also marks a milestone as the 7th female to achieve this honor in the academy’s history.

Elumba said she drew her personal inspiration from her father, who initially aspired to serve as a uniformed personnel but ended up farming to support their family.

“It was ultimately my father who inspired me to enter the academy. He was inspired to serve the public as a uniformed personnel, however, due to circumstances, it led him to do farming for the family but it was also him who inspired me to join the PMA,” she said.

She highlighted the importance of breaking gender barriers and pursuing one’s aspirations, regardless of societal expectations.

“Female cadets here in the PMA are given equal opportunity[ies] to excel and even hold leadership positions in the cadet corps,” she added.

According to LtGen. Tolentino, academic excellence is just one facet of the cadets’ achievements.

He emphasized that the academy’s mission extends beyond academics, encompassing character development, physical fitness, and leadership.

The academy’s unique focus on character development, military training, and physical fitness distinguishes it from traditional educational institutions.

LtGen. Tolentino said that holistic development is prioritized in the academy, and that cadets undergo comprehensive training, shaping them not only as scholars but as leaders ready to serve with distinction.

“It is the overall standing in all those aspects that makes PMA unique apart from other colleges where academics is mostly what they do. At PMA, we do overall – Character development, Academic, Military, Physical (CAMP),” he said.

The top-performing cadets.
  • Cadet 1st Class Thrisha Mae L. Capul – Journalism Award
  • Cadet 1st Class Samuel Aldous G. Gloria – Chief Justice Saber
  • Cadet 1st Class Zita Dewi Nirvana Messakaraeng – Humanities Plaque
  • Cadet 1st Class Miguel Ponce S. Abesamis – Navy Forces Professional Plaque
  • Cadet 1st Class Joven L. Modestano – Starman
  • Cadet 1st Class Samantha C. Zinampan – Department of Tactical Officers Plaque
  • Cadet 1st Class Jake P. Matiw – Athletic Saber (Male)
  • Cadet 1st Class Emmanuel Q. Quibal – Aguinaldo Saber
  • Cadet 1st Class Leo Ralph Q. Papagayo – Social Sciences Plaque
  • Cadet 1st Class Camille Joy Poblete – Athletic Saber (Female)
  • Cadet 1st Class Joshua Adrienne T. Gonzales – Chief of Staff Saber
Graduating with Latin honors.

Cum Laude:

  • Cadet 1st Class Christian L. Nadunza, 22, Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Cadet 1st Class Jeonel L. Cabansay, 22, North Cotabato
  • Cadet 1st Class Matthew Vince B. Echague, 22, Legazpi City
  • Cadet 1st Class Ronald B. It-itan, 22, Sabangan, Mountain Province
  • Cadet 1st Class Jeenela C. Calumba, 22, Binan, Laguna
  • Cadet 1st Class Mitzi B. Binamira, 23, Sto. Domingo Albay
  • Cadet 1st Class Paula Joy T. Aviquivil, 23, San Pablo City, Laguna
The Top Ten.

Top 1: Cadet 1st Class Jeneth B. Elumba, 24, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte

Other Awards:

      • Magna Cum Laude;
      • Presidential Saber;
      • Philippine Army Saber;
      • Jusmag Saber;
      • Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (Army);
      • Tactics Group Award; and
      • Army Professional Plaque

Top 2: Cadet 1st Class Mark Armuel U. Boiles, 21, Quezon City

Other Awards:

      • Vice Presidential Saber;
      • Philippine Air Force Saber;
      • Academic Group Award;
      • Management Plaque;
      • Air Force Professional Courses Plaque;
      • General Antonio Luna Award; and
      • Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (Air Force)

Top 3: Cadet 1st Class Kim Harold L. Gilo 22, Butuan City

Other Awards:

      • Magna Cum Laude;
      • Secretary of National Defense Saber;
      • Philippine Navy Saber;
      • Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (Navy); and
      • Natural Sciences Plaque

Top 4: Cadet 1st Class Cyril Joy J. Masculino, 22, Camarines Sur

Other Awards:

      • Magna Cum Laude

Top 5: Cadet 1st Class Rosemel B. Dogello, 21, Capiz

Other Awards:

      • Cum Laude

Top 6: Cadet 1st Class Alexa Mye P. Valen, 22, Lanao del Norte

Top 7: Cadet 1st Class Floyd Nino Arthur G. Roxas, 23, Iloilo Province

Other Awards:

      • IT Plaque;
      • Department of Leadership Plaque; and
      • AGFO Incorporated Award

Top 8: Cadet 1st Class Giselle G. Tong, 22, Tuguegarao City

Other Awards:

      • Mathematics Plaque

Top 9: Cadet 1st Class Danica Marie D. Viray, 23, Pasay City

Other Awards:

      • Cum Laude

Top 10: Cadet 1st Class Neriva C. Binag, 22, Cabagan, Isabela


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